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Building, Construction & Real Estate

NK Roy Professional Corporation has an active presence in the Real Estate industry in Toronto. We do accounts, tax and
advisory services in this space. Our team has a great appreciation for the dynamic nature of real estate transactions. We
recognize that companies need to balance the achievement of their growth objectives with proper risk management and
corporate governance policies.


Consumer & Retail

NK Roy Professional Corporation serving Consumer and Retail Industry Clients keep in
mind the d emographics changes,
consumer preferences, technological advances, and globalization. Now a day cost minimization is the challenge. We are
pushing consumer and retail organizations to cut costs, offer more value, and provide better customer service.


Financial industries are facing obstacles in 2020. COVID
19, Increasing complicated Regulatory Environment, increasing
competitions, customer retention, organizing big data etc. are the challenges for this industry. NK Roy Professional
Corporation finds out the positive account solutions to overcome these challenges.


As the Hospitality industry needs to think more broadly and for the business growth they
n eed to be more creative and to find
out the new scope of the business. As this industry is always in huge competition, the risk factors are also high. NK Roy
Professional Corporation can help to mitigate the risk factors and ensure the continuous growth of the business.

Personal & Professional

As a professional service based company NK Roy Professional Corporation understands Clients desire to meet clients'
needs. We take on the responsibility of providing services they need, so they can do the same for their clients. Allow our
experts, with decades of experience in the industry, to guide through tax and accounting needs.


Production & Warehouse

The rapidly evolving COVID
19 global pandemic and recognize this represents an unprecedented challenge for all involved in
the Production & Warehouse based industry across Canada. Every sector of our economy is being affected by the pandemic;
the lockdowns, travel restrictions, urgency to self isolate and maintain social distancing have put this industry on pause.
Productions have been halted, Warehouse emptied, and cast and crews no longer working. NK Roy Professional Corporation
working for the clients to find out all possible and sustainable accounting solutions for clients.


Technology, Media & Telecom

Canadian technology, media and telecommunications (TMT) companies are passing through a changing time. The past
decade has brought an explosion of new technologies, mobile devices, content and channels which in turn has driven
exponential growth and new demand. At the same time, shrinking margins and rising costs combined with new compliance,
regulatory and sustainability requirements have fundamentally changed the business model for some TMT participants.
NK Roy Professional Corporation helps the clients for growing their revenue, minimizing expenses and optimizing operations,
leveraging smart tax strategies, tax credits and R&D incentives, minimizing financial risk, accounting risk and operational r isk
to drive business performance, building appropriate tax, accounting and compliance systems for operations.