Financial Services

New challenges and opportunities are changing the ideas of financial services. Greater customer centricity and workforce shaping – all of which financial institutions need to address while navigating the evolving risk and regulatory landscape. Nowadays organizations are looking at that future where trust, growth and delivering values are paramount.


NK Roy Professional Corporation can help you. Our professional team understand what it takes to deliver successful outcomes in the financial services industry. We always have capabilities, strategies and workforces to deliver quality services that drive the sustainable value creation that organizations require. 



COVID-19 makes significant changes dramatically in this year 2020. Geopolitical shifts and technological innovation, globalization, protectionism etc. making various tax reforms and regulatory changes.

Operating the Tax in this new reality, it is expected to be not only a technical specialist, but also a brand ambassador and trusted advisor to the business and board as to work to protect the organization, boost performance, drive digital transformation and contribute to the sustainability goals of the organization. Our tax professionals are here to help.



NK Roy Professional Corporation is with you all throughout your journey for better economic growth, increased profit gain and lasting value. Together, we can assist you make your business fit for tomorrow — a future that is sustainable and secure.